5 Ways to Look Cute at the GYM

5 Ways to Look Cute at the GYM


So before you scrunch your nose up at the idea of wearing makeup to the gym, check out what I’m going to say. How many of you can vouch for the wonders a quick coat or two of mascara can do for your appearance?

Something as simple as applying a sheer gloss and coat of mascara can wake your face up and make you look fresh and ready to take the world on. Just make sure it’s a waterproof mascara.

So nothing major loves!


Why wear your dad’s old t shirt and your ex boxyfriend’s baggy sweatpants to the gym when your goal is to get a sexier hotter body? Doesn’t quite match up right.

So try out sites like LuLu Lemon for sassy workout gear. If you walk into that gym already feeling like a stunner, you’ll feel more encouraged during your workout and less insecure of your appearance. Walk in that gym looking like the star that you are.


Instead of dragging a dingy ripped gym bag, grab a cute trendy duffel to carry your gym gear in instead. You can try Target or stores like TJ Maxx to find a great duffel instead of the boring old black number that most people lugg around.

Working out can be a bit discouraging for most people so do whatever you can to get yourself encouraged and excited about the gym. The little things matter.


What’s worse than doing squats at the squat rack with eyes on your ass..ets. Nothing right, well actually realizing your huge granny panty line was visible might make things a bit more embarrassing. So avoid all that and wear some sexy no show undies or a thong.

Knowing that you have on sexy undies could also serve as an extra boost of confidence as you strut your stuff through the gym.


And sense I have mentioned confidence a ton of times, let’s make it an official tip. Working out in mixed gender gyms can be a bit nerve-wrecking. It can be uncomfortable even if it’s all women. But if you walk around with an air of confidence you won’t feel so uncomfortable in your skin.

So try out the tips above and let me know how your next gym trips goes!