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Beauty Product Storage

Have you all found yourselves running out of places to store all your hair and beauty products? When it comes time for you to find your favorite hair gel or favorite lotion, do you find yourself looking all over the place? That was definitely my situation. I had hair products and beauty items EVERYWHERE! My bathroom cabinets were full, my bedroom vanity was covered. I was pretty much drowning in bottles of hair and body potions.

That is why I decided to find an affordable beauty product storage solution that would not only solve my product overload issue but do it in style. In my search for a storage solution I ran across various IKEA shelves/units that I fell in love with but the prices weren’t as friendly. I was looking to spend around 30 to 40 bucks to get this job done and not a dollar more.

That’s how I ended up at Home Depot in their shelving section. I’m a huge fan of white so I decided to purchase their tall five shelf unit. It came out to $32 with tax I believe. Right on budget.

So after some assembling and disassembling because of course I hate reading directions I finally got the shelf up and sturdy. The key to making this look cute is strategically arranging your hair, beauty and any other items on the shelves. Often times we forget how visually appealing items we have are so by showcasing them you accomplish two goals at once.

To really make your shelf pop follow these quick tips!

1. Arrange your hair and beauty products by brand. Doing this will make the shelf look more organized and resemble a store rather than a random collection of assorted items. So line the products up with their counterparts and you’re good to go.

2. Grab some cute bowls from your kitchen or go purchase some from the goodwill like I did so that you can store other cute items on the shelf as well. Bowls work great for jewelry items and adds great dash of sparkle to your shelf while keeping your jewelry easily accessible and out of the way.

3. Purchase a couple decor items. For my shelf I went for a silver theme so I purchased a silver elephant, vase and I also had some candles around the house. I placed these items on the shelf to add some depth and to make everything seem very purposeful as oppose to this just being random open storage.

Being able to store your daily items just requires an open mind. Try to always think outside of the box instead of going for the obvious. A bookcase can be used for so much more than books. You can do like I did and store gorgeous pumps, lotions, jewels and hair care items all on the same shelving unit. It’s a great focal point for your room and keeps your space nice and tidy.