Blonde Hair Care Maintenance
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Blonde Hair Care Maintenance

Wearing bleach blonde hair is no easy feat (especially if you want to maintain soft and somewhat moisturized hair and decrease the amount of breakage you experience). The other part of maintenance includes keeping that blonde bright and free of harsh yellowy and orange tones. Before I decided to go blonde, I did a ridiculous amount of research partially because I was scared of how my hair was going to turn out. I researched everything I could think of from what shampoo I should use to what styling routine would produce the best results for my chemically processed curls.

Below I have compiled a quick list of the various components of my blonde hair care maintenance routine. This routine will of course undergo slight changes since being blonde is a completely new journey for me so everything at this point is trial and error. For now, this is what works so I figured I would share it with you all.

1. Cleansing

Cleaning my hair is no big deal now especially because it is so short. When I choose any products for my hair, I try to lean towards products that cater to color maintenance because I want to get the most out of my new style without having to deal with yellowing or stripped hair. To cleanse, I currently use the shampoo from the Carol’s Daughter Tui Color Care collection. The shampoo feels so amazing in my hair. The lather is luxurious without being excessive and it leaves my hair clean without being stripped dry of all it’s natural goodness. If I feel my hair needs a bit more toning (canceling of yellow tones) I use the shampoo from the Shimmer Lights line.

2. Conditioning

To condition my blonde curlies, I use the Ion Cool Blonde Conditioner. It’s a purple blonde boosting conditioner. The product is literally purple so that could be a bit scary if you haven’t seen that before. The conditioner feels great in my hair and it really does return my hair to a more silvery bright state than my normal conditioner would. If I want to deep condition I use the Hair Mask from the Carol’s Daughter Tui Color Care line. It hydrates my hair and smells AMAZING!

3. Moisturizing

To keep my hair hydrated, I am pretty much hooked on the Hello Curlies Leave In Conditioner. It’s light but still effective. After I apply the leave in, I use their Buttermilk Moisturizer as well. Can you tell that I’m a Hello Curlies?

4. Styling

Styling is a total breeze for me now because my hair is very short. With my new blonde hair, I usually just smooth my hair over to the side with gel. Before I do that, I create a deep side part with a rat tail comb and then apply my Fantasia IC clear gel to my hair until all my curls lay down flat. To make sure my hair sets properly, I also use Lotta Body Hair Foam and their Texturizing Setting Lotion.

My maintenance is very low maintenance and I avoid heat styling to decrease the damage that is being done to my hair.