Dye Your Hair Using Box Color
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Dye Your Hair Using Box Color

I gave you all some Hair Dye 101 tips. The post included a few things you should be thinking about if dyeing your hair is your latest infatuation. This week we are going to discuss how to get it done girl! Let’s talk about how to dye your hair at home and get professional results.

If you are thinking about dyeing your hair at home, either you are like me and feel super confident in your hair styling skills or also (like me) you’re on a budget. I was definitely both of those things, I figure, if I mess my hair up, I could always cover the disaster up with a wig until it can be rectified. To avoid ending up in damage control mode, check out the following tips and tricks so you’ll be better prepared. Of course these tips are things that work for ME. I am definitely not a stylist so if you’re not comfortable with coloring your hair, head to a salon.

Tip 1

Choose a color you are comfortable wearing. If the mere sight of the color result makes you uncomfortable and self-conscious, it might not be for you. Color should be fun and an expression of your personality, it shouldn’t make you want to hide or make you feel insecure. A good way to choose a color is to check out some of the hair inspirations that look similar to you. If they can rock the color well, then there’s a good chance you will be able to.

Tip 2

If you are lightening your natural color, apply the dye to the ends of your hair first and allow that to process before applying the dye to the rest of your hair. The ends of our hair are the oldest portion and they are farthest from our warm scalps so they take much longer to process. If you were to process your whole head at the same time, your ends would be much darker than your roots, which results in a less than stellar dye job.

Tip 3

Here are a few extra tips for you to keep in mind. Try to avoid washing your hair right before you dye your hair as this could lead to burning during the process. Some people even say the dye bonds better to the hair if it isn’t freshly washed. Also, keep a close eye on your color to make sure it is not over processing or going lighter than you expected. If you’re wearing a plastic processing cap, take a peek periodically to check on the color. When you are done processing be sure to thoroughly rinse your hair of the color and then condition!

Hair color can be so incredibly fun and give you that fresh new look you need without doing something too drastic (like cutting your hair or anything else permanent). Hair dye can be a totally new world, just stay focused on hair health at the same time and you’ll be fine!