Finger Comber Big Hair Beanie
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Finger Comber Big Hair Beanie

I first came into contact with Fingercomber when havana twists first became hawt. Some of the most gorgeous twists were being achieved with the Fingercomber Havana Hair. The twists the ladies got from using this hair were so lush and appeared incredibly natural.

So a year or two later, I ran across Fingercomber again on Instagram. After scrolling through their timeline for a bit I saw the other gorgeous products that they now offer. I found myself liking pictures on the regular and reaching out to share my love of their products and apparel.

Just recently I was given the opportunity to try some of their knit apparel and let me tell you how crazy excited I was. If you are anything like me then you are totally in love with beanie hats. When I had longer natural hair I was always on the hunt for a beanie that could contain my hair without looking like a hot air balloon. 

Now that my hair is shorter, I don’t exactly need the extra space, but I still love a great slouchy beanie hat and the Fingercomber “Big Hair Beanie” is perfect for the job.

I really adore this hat because of how beautifully soft and comfortable it is. The yarn is not scratchy nor does it snag my hair. It’s the bomb ladies.

It’s also pretty breathable. I wore this hat indoors over my wig to go for a more urban trendy look and I was so happy when I realized that I wasn’t sitting there sweating bullets like I would have under some of my other less comfortable beanie hats.

You can click the link here to purchase your own Fingercomber “Big Hair Beanie” today