H2O is My New Year's Resolution
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H2O is My New Year’s Resolution

Many people choose to make fitness and the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle their New Year’s resolution. After thinking over what I would like to change in my life as far as health goes, I realized I could definitely use a bit more water in my regimen.

I decided this for a number of reasons (all of which I will share with you). The first sign I saw that made me realize I needed much more water in my diet was my skin. My face is showing signs of dehydration and lack of water in the worst way. I just look dry and a bit aged when I’m not wearing makeup. Usually my skin has a natural luster or glow but as of late, that has not been the case.

My pores are incredibly visible which makes my skin appear uneven in texture. I also have large dark under eye circles combined with fine lines under my eyes as well. The dark circles directly correlate to my poor water consumption so increasing my intake should lessen my reliance on concealers.

Fine lines are also related to how much water I consume as well. Since my skin is pretty much dying from thirst, it is becoming less plump and less hydrated so that skin is pretty much reacting like a dry grape. My under eye area is turning into a raisin.

Aside from my eye issues,  I have noticed changes in my energy levels. I often just feel tired. This could definitely be due to my hectic schedule but not having enough water to keep my body running like a well oiled machine is definitely a contributing factor I’m sure. Speaking of a well oiled machine, my digestion has slowed significantly, which means that my body is filled with harmful toxins instead of being able to effectively filter them out like it would be able to if I was drinking enough water.

I have also noticed an increase in what I thought was appetite, but oftentimes when we are dehydrated, thirst can manifest or seem very much like hunger. The body is basically screaming for water, but we instead think it is hungry so we eat to curb the craving. We all know where that could lead so yeah I need to commit to drinking at least two more glasses of water for the next month and then increase that by 2 glasses each month until I am up to 8 to 10 glasses per day.

Being realistic with my New Year’s goal will be the key to my success. I really want to be successful with this so I have to realize that suddenly forcing myself to drink 10 glasses of water in one day when just the day before my only source of water was a pear might not be the best plan for success.

I am really hoping to see an improvement in my dark wrinkly under eye area because I am way to young to be worried about wrinkles (especially ones that didn’t come from smiling).