How to Avoid Dry Skin this Winter
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How to Avoid Dry Skin this Winter

With the winter and colder months quickly approaching, it is so important to not only moisturize and nurture your hair, but also to remember to lube your skin!

The winter can be incredibly harsh and if you’re not careful, it could leave you looking dry and lifeless after the flurries have settled, being able to maintain or cultivate moisturized soft skin is not that difficult, but it can take a bit of effort. It can even come down to switching makeup routines and face moisturizers in order to create an environment for optimal moisture rich skin.

Before we discuss some possible game changers, let’s talk about why winter can be so tough on our faces. 

As winter gets into full swing, you’ll notice a dramatic drop in humidity. Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. So in the winter, when humidity is at its lowest, our skin is depleted moisture by the cold temperatures and wind. To make matters worse, there is a lack of moisture in the air so there is no outside source for our skin to pull water from.

So the combination of cold temperatures and dry air create the recipe for an ashy disaster. 

Let’s talk about some things we can change in order to fight the cold and emerge from winter as a beautiful moisturized babe.

First things first, let’s look at the moisturizer  we use on our faces to keep everything nice, soft, and supple. Now if your first thought was, “what moisturizer” you need to immediately head to the nearest Target, Ulta, (wherever) and grab some lotion.

For those who already have a moisturizer, let’s look at how effective the product really is at doing its job. If your skin immediately sucks the product up and you find your skin feeling crackly and tight moments later, this could mean you need a heavier cream moisturizer. It could also mean that your water intake is subpar and in need of improvement. Remember, skin care is as much about our insides as it is about the outside so drink up to avoid the ash. 

If after you adjust your lotion routine you still find your skin looking dry and peeling, you may need to look at the kind of makeup you apply to your face. For instance, I use an oil free stick foundation in the warmer months because it fights my oiliness and keeps my face looking matte in the hot weather. In the winter, however, I don’t want that same effect. I need my oils to be able to build up a bit and protect my skin from the harsh temperatures and keep my face moist so I switched from my stick foundation to a liquid formula in order to fight the dryness.

It all really comes down to looking at our current routines and decided what is working and what may need some tweaking in order to achieve dewy soft skin. At the end of the day, dryness will lead to wrinkles and premature aging so soft moist skin is the way to go if you want to avoid looking older than you really are.