Hydrating Curly Extensions
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Hydrating Curly Extensions

One thing I have learned while wearing curly hair extensions is that they require a bit more maintenance and care than straight extensions do. I’ve noticed that curly textures seem to dry out quicker than straight extensions. Especially in the harsh weather that Chicago is currently dishing out. Dry extensions leads to breakage and no one wants their quality extensions to start breaking off at the ends which will result in rough looking hair.

I have come up with a routine that really seems to be working at keeping my curly hair extensions moisturized and free of damage. Moisturizing extensions can be tricky because you don’t want them to get weighed down with product so it takes a unique approach and routine to keep everything healthy.

The most important aspect would have to be water. I cowash my hair at least once a week. I do this because the hair needs to have water on it to breathe life back into the curls. Without water, the hair will grow stiff and brittle like hay almost. I like to use conditioner on the hair preferably a conditioning cowash so that some of the styling products I use can be removed from the hair. I may even use shampoo if I have used hair spray throughout the week. Effectively removing excessive products from the hair allows new moisture to penetrate the hair shaft instead of being blocked from entering.

When I wear the hair curly, I allow it to air dry over night instead of blow drying or diffusing. Air drying is less harmful to the hair in general. Before drying the hair I always apply a lightweight leave in conditioner followed by an oil based curling creme. This step is so important for styling because it really locks the moisture in and keeps my curls frizz free.

In order to keep my hair hydrated and shiny throughout the week, I spray my ends with Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla hair oil once about half way throughout the week. You only need a light spritz because too much will leave your weave greasy and heavy.

The only other tip I have is to remember that weave is still REAL hair. With that being said, it needs the same time and consideration that your hair would need in order to flourish. A deep conditioning session may been in order if your extensions are being exposed to harsh weather like excessive cold or if they’ve just taken a beating with color and have become super dry. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse the conditioner out afterwards to keep your extensions light and fluffy.

It all really comes down to listening to what the hair is telling you just as you would your own hair. Find the product routine that is going to extend the life of your extensions and give you hair that beautiful healthy shine we are all looking for!