Marula Softening Mask
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Marula Softening Mask

Carol’s Daughter recently released the Marula Curl Therapy collection. The Marula Softening Hair Mask is one product in this collection and I recently got the chance to give it a try. I love trying new deep conditioners so I’m always excited when I get my hands on a cool new one.

Like I mentioned above the Marula Softening Hair Mask is part of a group of hair products that can be contoured in order to train or improve manageability of your hair. I think that’s pretty cool. Now I have used a ton of deep conditioners so it takes alot to impress me. when I try a new deep conditioner I am looking for a couple things. The first thing I look at is ease of application. If the product is going into my hair rough and not easily coating my strands, I can pretty much bet my results will be lack luster. The next thing I look for is how easily it soaks into my strands. If the conditioner just sits on my hair strands instead of soaking into my hair then it’s more than likely not capable of moisturizing my hair. The last thing I look at is after I rinse the product out, how does my hair look. So now that you know what I look for let’s talk about what I thought of the Marula Curl Therapy Softening Hair mask.

My thoughts

The first thing I noticed about the Marula Curl Therapy Softening Mask was the soft scent. It reminds me of roses. Soft enough not to bother those that are sensitive to scents. So once I started applying the conditioner, I noticed how nice it felt in my hair. It wasn’t dragging across my hair strands. It was like my hair was just soaking it up and loving the product. So I applied it all over my head which doesn’t take long at all. I covered my head with a plastic cap and let it work its magic.

After about 25 minutes I was ready to rinse so I removed the cap. I immediately took note of how smooth and defined my curls were. Having curl definition at this point is a major win.

After rinsing my hair of the conditioner, my curls were nicely coiled, defined and bouncy. They weren’t weighed down or lifeless. My hair was super hydrated and very soft to the touch. The conditioner was also very easy to rinse out.

The thing I was most excited about was the great shine my hair had after conditioning. I didn’t feel like my hair was missing anything or needed moisture. It was ready to be styled.

So I have to say that I love the Marula Curl Therapy Conditioner. It exceeded my expectations and will be my new go to deep conditioner.