Phillips Milk of Magnesia as a Primer

Phillips Milk of Magnesia as a Primer

What is fabulous makeup without a reliable face primer? A mess, that’s what it is. Foundation and everything else with slip and slide across your skin without a primer base especially if you are prone to oiliness. So that beautifully beat face that you left the house with will be nothing more than a memory by the end of the day which is definitely not what we are going for.

You may have been taking your chances though because primers can get pretty expensive and the cheap ones are no better than going bare faced. So where does that leave you if your wallet isn’t quite ready for the high end primer products and you’d rather blot your T-zone all day than try the cheap stuff? Well it has left some women in the aisle staring at bottles of laxatives. Yep you read that right.

Phillips Milk of Magnesia to be exact ladies. This big blue bottle of laxative has shown up in more YouTube makeup tutorials than I can even begin to try to count. So many women swear by it as an effective face primer. So much so that I have really given thought to slathering my T-zone with the white stuff. I just haven’t worked up the courage too because something just doesn’t seem right about me pouring a laxative in my hands and then working it into my face. That just can’t be good, but maybe it is. That is why I just had to do some research of my own to see what the buzz is really about.

So as I said earlier, Milk of Magnesia is a popular product which is commonly used for constipation, but it has been pulling double duty as a face primer for many women as of late. Side note: I wonder if the Milk of Magnesia makers will launch an actual primer product when they get wind of their laxative’s uncanny ability to block oiliness and keep beautiful faces beat all day.

Using this product as such is actually quite easy from what I have seen in various tutorials. Women apply it like they would a lotion or any other face product. They pour it into their hands and apply it to their faces before applying their foundations. The claim is that the Milk of Magnesia keeps the skin from becoming oily underneath your makeup, which is the main reason why makeup doesn’t stay put throughout the day. The low price and large amount you get make this product even more irresistible.  But there has to be some downside to using Phillips Milk of Magnesia on your face as a primer that is actually meant for your digestive system right? Because if it’s not then I am headed to my nearest Walgreens right now.

Well the major issue I discovered from research is that due to Milk of Magnesia’s high ph levels it can actually disrupt our skin in a number of ways. It can lead to increased bacteria growth, increased acne and dermatitis. NONE of this sounds fun to me. I am still battling acne left over from my teens so any product that is going to exacerbate the issue is a no no for me. I also worry about disrupting my ph levels. Maintaining appropriate ph is incredibly important for so many reasons so I guess I’ll be sticking to Ulta instead of Walgreens laxative aisle for my primer purchases.

Have you used Milk of Magnesia as primer?