Repost: Wedding Makeup Inspiration
Makeup Repost: Wedding Makeup Inspiration

So if you all didn’t know I also blog for so whenever you’re craving an extra dose of me you can head over to and check me out! So here is a quick repost so you can get a taste of the content I post over there.

Today I figured I would give you all a dose of my newly engaged wedding fever with you all by highlighting some of the most beautiful wedding makeup inspirations that I have come across while trolling Pinterest. See below for a few fab ideas! 

Hollywood Glam

There is something timeless and chic about Kerry Washington’s sultry eye being paired with a bold red lip. What makes red even better is the multitude of shades this bomb color comes in so you’re bound to find the perfect shade of red to accommodate your unique skin tone.

This look is definitely for a bride that scoffs at understated demure looks and instead goes for a daring and sexier look. A look like this will show up magnificently in the optics and will be a conversation piece for days to come following your nuptials. I could see this makeup style being paired with a body hugging mermaid fit gown and a simple (cream white) rose bouquet.

Natural Smokey Eye

I think what I love most about this look is how simple it is. It highlights Zoe Saldana’s natural beauty but still has the subtle sultry and feminine undertones. This look is very versatile in my opinion because it’s more of a highlight than a centerpiece. I could easily see this look paired with a gorgeous ball gown, mermaid, or even a more modern and edgy dress. A bouquet with hints of purple would be the perfect counterpart to this makeup look.

Natural Beauty

Well it doesn’t get much better than this. Eva Mendes’s beauty is definitely center stage! It almost appears as if she has no makeup on at all (but we know better). Her makeup is very minimal. I can easily see this look on a beach bride. Seaside nuptials are all about letting the scenery and the naturalness of everything take hold of you and the moment. A demure and low-key glam such as this is perfect for a woman who wants her and her man’s love to be front and center.

Pop of Color

I literally can’t help but be in love with the beautiful colors used for Lupita Nyong’o’sglam look. A pop of color can be so unexpected, yet so perfect. It lets everyone know that you are brave and not conforming to the status quo. I think having a pop of color in a bride’s makeup can be so dazzling if it incorporates the wedding theme colors (in a subtle manner of course). Weddings only come around once, (well, at least they’re supposed to) so you might as well live it up and be bold with your decisions. Start with your face and make those eyes POP!

These are my great finds from my Pinterest trolling adventure! I will of course be doing more browsing so look forward to seeing more of my wedding inspiration finds.

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