Why Cool Water is Best for Skin and Hair
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Why Cool Water is Best for Skin and Hair

When you are taking a relaxing shower and washing your hair, you are more than likely using some steamy hot water to do so. If you’re anything like me, showering with warm or cool water is just NOT going to happen. I need my skin to tingle in order to feel clean. So I pretty much cringed when I heard that washing and rinsing my hair with cold water was actually much better for my hair. I definitely wasn’t going to just accept that one. I needed proof so as usual, I hopped on Google and got to researching.

So before we talk about why cool water is best for skin and hair, let’s talk about what hot water does to our hair. When we shower with hot water, our outermost layer of skin known as the epidermis takes beating. Our skin is composed of three layers and the epidermis is actually covered in a thin layer of oil which gives it further protection from the elements. When we shower with hot water, this layer is rinsed away. This isn’t totally bad though because that oil also traps stinky grime and bacteria that needs to be cleaned away. The problem comes in when you are constantly washing those oils away and not replacing them with something else nourishing. Your skin will eventually dry out and may even begin to crack and peel.

Our hair reacts nearly the same as our skin. When we wash our hair the point is to rinse away product build up and any trapped dirt and grime. So yes hot water is capable of opening up our pores which then releases all that dirt and allows us to effectively clean our hair and scalp. On the flip side, hot water also opens our hair shaft and allows valuable moisture to escape from our hair. That’s where the problem lies. Our hair needs to retain moisture within its core in order to be healthy.

When you rinse your hair with hot water you are actually causing frizziness, moisture loss, decreasing shine. Rinsing your hair with cool water smoothes your hair shaft. Your hair shaft kind of resembles fish scales. When you rinse with hot water, all those scales get lifted up and therefore makes the fish look rougher than it really is. But when you rinse with cold water, the scales lie down in order and make for a much  smoother appearance. This also decreases frizziness and tangling. Roughened strands are more likely to snag on one another and cause tangles so rinsing with cool water could also decrease your detangling time post wash.

Don’t worry though you can still enjoy your WARM showers, try to avoid those scorching hot showers though because they do your skin no favors. If you feel like rinsing your hair and body with cool water would be too uncomfortable then you can always head to the sink after your shower to rinse your hair without getting your body wet.